India Goes Purple

The Motivation behind the initiative- India Goes Purple

Everyone who is here - my friends, my family and my well-wishers.
Also, the acquaintances and strangers who shared their story and individual fights with me, after going through the previous blog. A Big THANK YOU :) The responses received were so encouraging and overwhelming that it felt imperative to start something bigger and better.


Why Go Purple?

Purple Day is an international grassroots effort dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide. On March 26th annually, people in countries around the world are invited to wear purple and host events in support of epilepsy awareness. Purple(Lavender) is the color for Epilepsy Awareness. Plus it's a great color to add to your wardrobe. Personally, for me Purple/Violet color is a representative of my Passion- Understanding the human brain.

The Purpose

The intent behind the initiative - #IndiaGoesPurple is simple- To Spread Awareness about Neurological conditions like Epilepsy. Reading through the responses and the stories I came across, shared by people fighting a similar fight, I realized the fact that I had been lucky and priviledged to have such a strong support system. The fact that I was encouraged to share my story and that my parents were always vocal about my condition, truly helped me overcome the obstacle. I got to know from others, that they still experience the stigma which deters them form talking about epilepsy or bringing up this topic in a normal conversation. Also, Epilepsy comes in various forms and types, and not every type of epilepsy is visible(read absence seizures), It can take a form of a hidden illness and remain undetected under the cloak of another illness or psychological condition.

How we are planning it ?

I reached out to my teachers, friends, personal connections and family, and I am so glad that all of them have been so supportive of it. Together, we have been able to chalk out few great events, some educational and some fun filled. All of them would be virtual and we will be posting the details very soon on our social media accounts - Instagram (here) and Facebook (here). The main events would be hosted on 26th of March, do join in and spread the word!

How can you join in ? 5 easy ways to contribute

1. Wear Purple/ Add a purple element The basic and pretty much the only one condition we have. C'mon its the purple day, so you have wear something PURPLE. If you don't have the color in you Wardrobe or are allergic to it, use technology and add a purple filter :P , that's all we ask for :)

2. Share your photos on your social media accounts Tag us as @indiagoespurple and use the hastags #indiagoespurple and #epilepsydialogue while sharing. You can expect a quick reply from us :) We would be really grateful for any sort of suggestion or contribution.

3. Spread the word Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. Help us spread the good word, and help us reach out to people who you think might benefit from it

4. Join the events and participate Join as many events as your time permits :)

5. You can be a whiste blower too! Should you wish to contribute more than this, do let me know :) You can organize your own event, maybe a walk in your society/club or put up a video. Are you an artist or love to draw, make someting in Purple and share it with us. You have a purple flower at home? Share that too, that's nature's way of going purple. If you have been through the same fight and would like to share your story, this would be the best way to contribute :)

PS: Fill out this form, so that we know you would be joining- Link: Click here

PPS: A random shot in the dark, know Leander Paes or know someone who might? Let us know :)

Know an Epilepsy Fighter? Want to help and support them? Join in here :)

I feel and you all will definitely agree that there is a need to start a community for people facing epilepsy especially the caregivers since they need some mental and emotional strength to brave the storm. Help spread positivity and awareness by sharing this initiative with people you think might benefit :)

With Love and Gratitude,
An Epilepsy Warrior,
An Advocate for Epilepsy Awareness with Purple Day Everyday.