The Passion

This complex organ makes us who we are :)

the human brain

Its the one word that Excites me the most! The Human Brain- the center of all thoughts, emotions and actions!

Being diagnosed with epilepsy during childhood, I was constantly surrounded by Images, CT Scans and EEGs of this special organ. My discussions with my Neurologist made me curious to learn more about the functioning of the brain. I am mesmerized by the capability of the brain to evolve through experiences and practice (watch this documentary- The Plastic Fantastic Brain: Rewiring the Mind on Amazon if this interests you too ). I often find myself wondering about the possibility of mimicking the functioning and efficiency of the human brain by artificial ones.

Fun fact : 1 Lavender, Purple, Violet are also coincidentally the colors to spread awareness about Epilepsy

Fun fact : 2 Purple is also my favourite color! Makes sense too, brain works in weird ways :)

One of my life's mission is to generate awareness in the society about caring for people with neurological disorders.