The Calling

The true method of knowledge is experiment.

Born in a family of engineers( Mom, Dad, Granfathers, Aunt, Uncle), I was encouraged to experiment and learn. In the process, my comprehension of STEAM techniques enhanced. Most of the dinner table discussion during childhood revolved around discussing exiting puzzles and riddles. (My dad has his own collection here, it's still a work in progress )

Later on, during high school my friends admired my ability to elucidate difficult concepts. Soon, we together started tinkering with electronics to make working science and maths models. This led me to choose Electronics and Communication Engineering for pursuing my undergraduate studies at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology , now NSUT, New Delhi.

In addition to the lessons learnt within the four walls of the classroom, I wanted to get my hands dirty while experimenting and developing solutions to practical problems using electronics. My search for such a place led me to CEDT laboratory - a 24 hours accessible lab within the college premises where I found like minded people and I learnt to interface and work with microcontrollers. It was here that I realized that electronics - specially the hardware and analog part of it was my calling. During my 2nd and 3rd year we worked on many microcontroller platforms and projects including Magnetic Levitating Doll on 8085, TIVA training kit, Arduino based tri-hex LED game and Smart Switch.

Along with my peers, we conducted various workshops for school and college students on PCB fabrication, Arduino and digital circuits design training.