Food and Travel

The source of Happiness

This is the one area, that truly deserves more exploration.


Just like my love for experimenting in science and tinkering with electronics I have recently ventured into the territory of cooking experiments. I consider myself to be a lover of food- anything vegetarian! I l love trying out new receipes and kitchen hacks during my free time.

This said, making a perfectly round roti is something I consider to be a personal achievement!


Travelling and exploring the bounty of nature like trekking in the foothills of Himalayas- Triund, paying homage at Hindu shrines like Vaishno Devi, snorkeling in the Andaman Islands, beach walking along the shores of Indian Ocean and Arabian sea, visiting tea gardens and mangroves of Kerala and bathing in waterfalls of Coorg allowed me to appreciate the diversity in nature and nurture relationships. Visits to Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Dubai as a tourist gave me a peek into the lifestyle and exposure to the mindset of people belonging to a different nation.