The Natural World

Look deep into nature, then you would understand everything better. -Albert Einstein.

I believe that nature has the solution to all our problems and that we need to start living in harmony and synchronization with it. During the Covid lockdown in India, I ventured into the territory of gardening. Uptil now, I would just watch my mother take care of the plants at home. Once I started spending time with my green friends, I realized what I had been missing till now.

To help other younger kids appreciate the importance of gardening, I started a small personal Initiative called- Waste to Greens.

Happy faces - The future green warriors :)

This initiative later blossomed into something bigger and was supported by two startups- bioQ Eco solutions and HatchnHack. Recently I was also a panel member on one international Webinar series conducted by iCSI and hosted by Dr. Gulshan Sharma sir.