The path of Love

When we have each other, we have everything

Even though I am an Introvert by nature, ask the people who know me well, and they would most likely tell you that I can blabber on nonstop :P. I love meeting new people, making friends, learning through experiences, sharing and collaborating on ideas. Understanding the brain i feel somehow is closely associated to understanding human nature.

I am what I am because of my Family, Friends and peers. A lot of friends and acquitances, even family members sometimes tell me that I resemble my mom a lot (In one instance my dad got confused between our voices on a telephone call!) Being a single child, my mom is my one true soulmate, my sister and bestest buddy. This said I bond with my father on another level- he is also my elder brother, teasing me and fighting with me day in day out.

Just like my idol- Ganapati or Gani baba, my world too revolves around my parents.

Here meet him too! (An eco-friendly home made Ganesha idol)